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Thread: KSL Classifieds - Firearm Survey

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    KSL Classifieds - Firearm Survey

    It looks like KSL is getting some flack over their firearms listings in the classifieds. They have a survey up to gauge public opinion:

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    Thanks for the link. Threw in my two cents and then some.

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    Also responded.

    Are they going to have a similar survey on automobiles - sheesh - a criminal might buy one as a get away car.
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    Here is my comment on this.....

    "KSL has NO Responsibility in this area. To carry this to extreme, eliminate your Car Sales both new and used as crimes are committed with vehicles, eliminate your REAL ESTATE sections both for HOME/PROPERTY sales, WTB, OR RENTAL as crimes have ALL been committed in or on REAL PROPERTY. Eliminate ALL storage facility ads as a storage unit MAY be used to hide stolen merchandise.
    It is legal for anyone not legally disqualified to buy or sell ANY firearm in the State of Utah to another UTAH Resident who is NOT legally disqualified! LET ME CONTINUE TO DO SO AND DON'T GET IN MY WAY ABOUT IT!"

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