The evil gun is at it again in the judiciary committee today.

Domestic violence. Counselors testify that a man with CCW (their words.... shows they hang out with the anti gun crowd) routinely beats his wife and he legally owns and carries a gun. No mention of how easily that can be taken care of through the legal process.

Then, there was talk about workplace violence against teachers. One woman actually said that teachers have expressed a concern about firearms in the classroom and wanting training. Then she follows with routine incidents where guns just "fall" out of backpacks and they don't know how to handle them.

Don't get me wrong, I'd give them some safety training just to show how the gun itself isn't the problem.

But I digress.........

My ears perked up when I heard guns twice within about 45 minutes.

Sad....... but makes me wonder...... how often is this happening on the back burner when we aren't looking?