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Thread: California bill uses school zones as an "end around" to practically foreclose the RTC

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    California bill uses school zones as an "end around" to practically foreclose the RTC

    By increasing the school zones from 1000 ft to 1500 ft this proposed bill would 'effectively' prohibit the right to carry.

    Clearly the school zone laws are not about protecting schools, but a back-door way to practically foreclose the right to carry.

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    Apparently California and the LA County Sheriff didn't get the memo about Heller or McDonald . When it comes to Kalifornistan nothing surprises me anymore.
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    Remember in the next election that this GFSZ stuff started with our sweety Senator Herb Kohl.
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    Maybe the USA will get lucky & Kalifornia will have the "big one" & then slid off into the Ocean. That state is one big drain of the USA economy anyways with all the Illegals, etc. ...... 49 states, it has a ring to it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock34 View Post
    ...... 49 states, it has a ring to it....
    Even if it "floated" away, 47 contiguous states doesn't sound too bad either.

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