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Thread: Kenneth Noble?

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    Kenneth Noble?

    Looks like a supporter of Constitutional Carry... But I've never had a personal conversation with him.

    (my biggest problems so far as that he still uses PHP... geek joke!)

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    Hopefully soon we'll have Constitutional Carry.

    What's wrong with php? I'm not a web page programmer, so I have no idea.
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    That is Scott Noble from Marshfield, WI. Kenneth is his middle name. While we need all the support we can get for constitutional carry, Scott is a former alderman and does not currently hold office. He is, however, a critic of the actions of Senator Julie Lassa who is one of the Wisconsin Senators who recently spent time with the FIB's to the south of our fine state.
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    PHP... Plastic Hair Piece ???

    Sorry.... Couldnt resist.

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