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Thread: Which one is compatable?

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    Which one is compatable?

    I just got a sspringfield XDM 3.8 compact .40. I want to get a blackhawk serpa level 3 duty holster. The tech rep told me on the phone that the XD holster would work fine for it but when I went to the website there was no XD holster. Which one should I get?

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    There's quiet a few. Im surprised the place where you got the pistol from didnt have them?

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    hes lookin for a level 3 duty holster which is alil diff from the regualr cqc it for duty carry or just open carry, if its just for OC you might want to change the backpart where the belt loops are cuz on the duty serpa for glocks it doesnt have slots to let you slide the belt thru, it has slots for the duty belt but it screws down to make sure the holster doesnt slide around on a duty belt so it isnt too practical for putin on and off your pants everyday...if i were u i would just get a regular level 2 serpa

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