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Thread: Medical Marijuana users fight for gun rights

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    Medical Marijuana users fight for gun rights

    WHITE CITY, Ore. – Cynthia Willis calls up and down the firing range to be sure everyone knows she is shooting, squares up in a two-handed stance with her Walther P-22 automatic pistol and fires off a clip in rapid succession.
    Willis is not only packing a concealed handgun permit in her wallet, she also has a medical marijuana card. That combination has led the local sheriff to try to take her gun permit away.

    (theres more to the story inside the link,but im trying to keep the posted portion on here short to be in compliance with the fair use regulations)

    at the end of the story it also says,"If Willis loses, she plans to carry her pistol out in the open, in a holster on her hip, which is, under Oregon law, perfectly legal."
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