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Thread: OC Experience in Northern KY

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    OC Experience in Northern KY

    I've been lurking for a couple of months now, getting as much info as I can from here, and studying the gun laws in KY. I've had my CC permit for a couple of years and have been considering OC. Well, I finally did it over the past several days. I went to several gas stations, a couple of different Kroger locations, a Remke, and Subway. I have yet to have a single person say anything to me. I walked into a BP station in Taylor Mill over the weekend and there was an LEO standing at the counter talking to an employee. I walked past him a couple of times and either he didn't see my gun or he didn't care, because he didn't say anything to me.
    I still haven't OCd when I'm with my family, just in case I have a run in with an LEO...I don't want them to have to be a part of that.
    So far, N. KY seems to be a good place to live for an OCer.

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    If an Leo does stop u then he is breaking the law. Nobody can question us or stop us for ocing, read up on the laws, attorney general findings, and supreme court rulings. They ruled that nobody can tell us we can't oc in our great state, or like I said stop us for doing so, it was the holland vs. Commonwealth case. It is good to know these things to throw at Leo that think they can stop us, or mostly just think we don't know the laws. Welcome and glad to have another oc'er standn up for our rights.

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