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Thread: License application question

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    License application question

    Hey guys i had a question i was thinking about getting my license to carry but i have a couple of criminal records i was charged with one of them was in 93 befor i turned 18 and it was for check forgery but they charged me with a misdemeanor and i got 2yrs probation for that. and the second one was also in 93 but i was an adult at that time and they charged me with concealing a baton and disorderly conduct and that was a misdemeanor also. and i also was reading in the book if anyone lives in your house that has a felony that would denie me on my app and by having 2 records would that be consider habitual criminal activity i just wanted to get everybody's thoughts about my situation and all help would be appreciated

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    Repost your question in your states forums.

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    You need to read your state law. I know in WA, if you are charged as a minor, the record is expunged after 5? years. As to the second charge. Here, I don't read that as a stopper. Like I said, you have to read your own state law.

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