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Thread: El Cajon Car Show starts today!

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    Talking El Cajon Car Show starts today!

    As the title states the Cajon Classic Cruise starts today and continues until the end of October.
    I know we've previously discussed the safe areas to UOC in downtown E.C. but i can't seem to find them. There was talk of a not easily found school that was just a storefront and didn't appear on many Google searches.

    I typically don't start driving my Prostreet Vega to the car show until a month or 2 after it begins because the parking is impossible.
    The early months would be the best for UOC since it's always ridiculously busy.
    They also have some vendor booths along the street. I wonder what it would take for us to set up a tent and pass out info on UOCing.

    Vending opportunities are also available. Cost is $50 per show or 4 shows for $150. Vending applications must be submitted to the El Cajon CDC, and must be pre-arranged and pre-paid at least 48 hours prior to any show. Contact Kathryn Courter, Special Events Associate, at (619) 401-8858 for more information, including permit or licensing inquiries, or click here to download current vendor application and vending rules and regulations.
    EDIT2: This seems to indicate we can't set up a booth for UOC since they almost certainly would consider our message "political".
    12. The following violations will result in immediate termination from the event:
    • Being under the influence of an alcoholic and / or illegal substance during the event.
    • Any argumentative or disrespectful language directed at a consumer, El Cajon CDC staff, or other participant(s).
    • Any physical action directed at a consumer, El Cajon CDC staff or their representative, or other participant(s).
    • Political campaigning or the dispersal of political material.
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    Gateway Community Day School
    331 West Main Street
    El Cajon, CA 92020-3319

    (619) 442-4067

    Small strip mall, blacked out covered windows, visible thru the front door are tables, chairs, desks, bookcases, photos of high school age students on the wall, and other classroom items. 1000 ft covers the entire corner of Magnolia Dr.

    I recommend everyone recon it and see for yourself in person without your weapon.

    Be safe, carry smart.
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