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Thread: Coeur d'Alene negative encounter

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    Coeur d'Alene negative encounter

    At the Pawn 1 shop on 4th street in Coeur d'Alene, I live nearby and had never been in. I looked at their gun selection and some video games and I was over by the guitars when one of the sales associates came over and a short, boring conversation ensued.

    ASSOCIATE: (nervous, but composed. Glances at my XD40) That's not loaded, right?

    ME: (Calm, friendly tone) No, it is.

    ASSOCIATE: Oh, um... well, we can't have live ammunition in this store.

    ME: Oh, okay. Well, I'll just be on my way then.

    And I left. That was my first somewhat negative encounter, besides veiled, pointed comments from a liberal friend of mine who was my server at a restaurant in town. Still, though, I was surprised and caught a little off guard.
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    Happens. Take your business elsewhere and let your friends know it's not a place you enjoy doing business with when you have a choice. Businesses pay attention to things that cost them money/sales/customers. At some point they will determine how much of their policy is based on their principles or their pocketbook.

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    I had a similar encounter at the Spokane Valley Pawn1. Did the same thing, ironically I had my XD-40 on also. I emailed the pawn1 email address asking about their policy and or door signage, but I didnt get a reply...


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    Chain pawn shop are of de debil.

    Real pawn shops, most of them anyway, understand exactly why you'd want to carry. Chain shops have "associates" who are only there to pay you garage sale prices for whatever you bring in, and charge almost full retail for any battered piece of crap you want to buy.

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    I O.C. at Singers,P.Shop at Fairview ave. in Boise all the time, and chat with the ownwers, I never had a problem there, maybe is my charisma,hahaha. The same at Best Ways P.Shop in Yakima Washington, and no problems there either, never been asked to leave, if they ask me to leaver , then look for another place to shop.

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    Talking Not sure if it was negative but had two interesting encounters this weekend.

    First was a Denny's near the Boise Airport late one night. As I went to pay for my bill a lady (not employee) asked me why I'm wearing gun (Springfield XD40 in a Serpa holster), she said it made her nervous. I was dressed nice and have a short military haircut. I replied that I was carring so I could protect myself, my wife and even her incase someone wanted to harm us. I looked around and wispered I don't see any police in here to do it and smiled. She nervously got it and smiled back. I'm sure she was traveling in the mini-bus with Oregon plates in the parking lot.

    Second was after getting off work (wearing slacks, dress shirt, and tie) I strapped on my gun and went shopping. I stopped at Hastings in Nampa (new store) and got a couple of looks then went to Shopko in Nampa and had someone ask me why I was wearing a gun. I told them at my age it was easier than toting around a 200 pound police officer all day and smiled. They had a confused look so I clarified, that it was my right to carry and that I'm one of the good guys so don't worry.

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