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Thread: Not another recorder question?! It's worth reading.

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    Not another recorder question?! It's worth reading.

    I figure the recorder would be considered an accessory. So I hope this is the proper place for this question.

    Do any of you carry recorders that you can lock out other users while it's recording? Maybe one that records the feed to a remote location like your voice mail or home PC?

    I was listening to the recording of the OCer that was stopped in Philly. One of the cops was very upset that he was being recorded. That got me thinking. A cop that is concerned that the recording can get him in trouble may just erase it. Is there a way to safe guard against that cop from destroying evidence?


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    The only sure way to avoid destruction of the audio file is to upload it live to a source to which the on-scene officers have no access.

    This can be a commercial service like Qik, a private broadcasting system modeled after Porc-411, or even your home answering machine. In this age of VOIP and virtual phone numbers, you can even set up your own private line that will instantly answer and start recording.

    On-body DVRs that record continuously have their place, and will continue to do so, but it's a pain to carry yet another piece of hardware around. A portable MP3 player that can also record is probably your best bet, because it doesn't automatically raise suspicions.

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