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Thread: Legal assistance with and monitoring of applications may be avaiable soon in ct.

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    Legal assistance with and monitoring of applications may be avaiable soon in ct.

    I am aware of the fact that Attorney Rachel M. Baird in Torrington, CT may soon be offering her law firm's legal services to anyone needing assistance in applying for a Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers in CT.

    If and when Attorney Rachel M. Baird implements this plan, I will post additional information.

    Take my word for it, things are happening behind the scenes that may change the firearm landscape in CT.

    Here is what I can say at this time:

    Many individuals will not need assistance or any explanation on the application process.

    Others may welcome this service and the fact that the issuing authority will be immediately on notice of her involvement and the fact that she will be monitoring the application process in behalf of a client.

    To have a law firm monitoring compliance with the application requirements of state law sends a very strong message to those issuing authorities/departments that seem to have their own rules.

    Obviously Attorney Rachel Baird will be charging what I consider a reasonable fee for the service's of her law firm in the Permit to Carry process.

    To highlight some of what she MAY offer, consider the following:

    1. A meeting with Attorney Baird or another firearm knowledgeable attorney associated with her firm to explain the application process, review the individual's background facts and answer questions about what must be disclosed on the application to prevent an unnecessary denial for improperly filling out same.

    2. Advice on obtaining and reviewing the client's arrest and motor vehicle histories if necessary.

    2. Notarization of the properly filled out application.

    3. A cover letter from her law office to accompany the submission of the client's permit application by certified mail to the local issuing authority explaining her involvement in monitoring the application process in her client's behalf.

    4. Checks drawn on the law firm's account to pay any permit related fees associated with the permit application.

    5. Regular monitoring to document the 5 day, one week and eight week time mandates found in State Law pertaining to the Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers application process.

    6. The preparation of an appeal letter to the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners for the client to submit.

    7. A reduced fee to represent the client at any hearing before The Board of Firearms Permit Examiners regarding the application process.

    To those who may comment on this posting:

    Many individuals may find this type of legal service unnecessary and a waste of hard earned dollars, but until ALL local issuing authorities in Connecticut come into compliance with the mandates of state law, this may be the best way to put the issuing authority on notice that we as lawful residents will not be misled, intimidated or delayed by unlawful policies and practices on the part of those who are sworn to uphold, enforce and comply with the law.
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