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Thread: Looks like we lost one.

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    Unhappy Looks like we lost one.

    I went into my once favorite bank today, NVCU and was sad to see a sign on the door stating that per credit union policy they do not allow firearms, knifes, or any weapons in the building. I went in anyway and luckily my usual teller was there to help me out so I was able to get what I needed done with no issue. When I asked about the sign she told me that it was new and nobody, not even the employees are allowed to carry now. This really made me disappointed because when I joined a few months ago they had no such policy and when I asked about it specifically I was told that I was more than welcome to carry within the law. I left my last bank because of a over zealous manager and am contemplating doing the same here.

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    Talk to the branch manager, tell him or her that you left your last bank because of that policy and came here because they said that they would follow state law. Ask for the mailing address of the person in charge and of the board of directors, and send each a letter reaffirming what you old the manager, and that in 30 days you will go to another CU or another bank unless the policy is changed.

    You might add that you will continue to change banks if this trend continues, until you are either made welcome at one or until there is nowhere else to go, and that the last one will be where you stay, so if you leave now you won't be back.

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    Ran into the same new sign at the NFCU branch on W Craig Rd. I tried to give my opinion(s) with the branch manager, but she wasn't in the office. I pointed out how unrealistic it is to expect the policy to deter bad guys to a couple of other members waiting in line, who fully agreed that it was just dumb.

    I followed up with an email on their website, basically saying that their new policy was either (a) melely wishful hoping and (b) displayed foolish thinking to the membership. Just got an email response saying "Thank you for your comments; I have forwarded your email to our management team." Lots of luck, right?
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