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Thread: Budget Tac vest help

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    Budget Tac vest help

    Hey fellow OC'ers,

    I've recently acquired a vest: this vest to be exact. I understand it's not a top notch vest, however, the vest I received is in fairly good condition, and its something I can afford to get me started (until I start earning the big bucks )

    I also have this shotgun holster that I have on the (my) back right side.

    I am looking to fit the rest of this vest out with various odds and ends, but with the amount of pouches, holsters, ammo pouches, and what nots, it's a bit daunting, and I find it hard to know exactly what I should get.

    What I'm looking for out of this vest:
    -This is my grab vest for when SHTF. While I won't necessarily be wearing it, it will be the first thing that gets packed up if it's not on me personally
    -Not looking to be the next crazy mall ninja either (read: I don't want to be the next Gecko45, lol)
    -This vest will also specifically be for if and when the blue hats show up, or any other situation that *forces* me to engage
    -Would be nice if I can compete with this vest as well, but I'm at a loss for what competition would involve "suiting up"
    -My go-to gun is a Mini 14. This means that I am using 20 round magazines (as the 30 rounders are not reliable - reliability is the key for me)
    -My budget is limited (college student). With the gear I have already found, I will be able to purchase it over the next month or so, and the vest will be good to go. So nothing uber expensive, please
    -I am open to the option of installing a drop thigh set up for both my pistol and dump pouch
    -I prefer OD Green in color choices, but if a specific piece of gear isn't available in OD, then I'll live

    Gear/pouches I have found on my own that I believe I need (all MOLLE gear)
    -25 round shotgun pouch
    -Triple 20 rounder mag pouch for 5.56 (I only have 4 mags right now, but I am thinking about purchasing more, thinking about getting either a double or singles for future mags)
    -1911 8 mag pouch (need a couple more mags to fill completely)
    -Small radio pouch
    -Multi-purpose pouch (maps, pen, paper, odds and ends)
    -Hydration Pouch (not entirely important, as I already have a camelback, and there is a pouch in the vest that I can use to hold a hydration bladder, however, I still plan on purchasing one)
    -Dump pouch (don't know if I want it drop leg or not; open to ideas)
    -Personal First Aid pouch
    -Belt with War Belt

    I believe I was able to cover just about everything, but having another set of eyes looking at what I plan to purchase is always helpful. Am I missing anything at all, that could be of some use? I am open to any ideas, however, please keep in mind I have a budget to stick to, and can't afford to spend triple digits on one piece of gear.

    Also, post pics if you got em
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