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Thread: DeSantis Holsters?

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    DeSantis Holsters?

    What is everybody's experience with DeSantis holsters? I have heard that they are well made and their prices look good. In particular, I am looking at getting a Sof-Tuck for my Taurus PT738 that I occasionally carry as a back-up. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I have a 2 position leather OWB DeSantis with thumbreak. Its the 4" XD version but it fits my CZ-P07 Duty and I really like it. It looks sharp, and seems to be well made. Got it on sale at Cabellas for $40 bucks.


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    I have a DeSantis ankle holster that I use for my BUG. (J-frame .38) I was in a gun store and mentioned finding a method to carry a BUG, and the clerk said "I'll sell you this, CHEAP!" and pulled it off his ankle, removed his snubbie, and took $10 for it.

    I was a little wary. Used? 10$? Hmmmm. What's wrong with it?

    But for $10? What the heck.

    Best deal I've ever made. Although the mode of carry isn't practical, (there is no way in hell to draw from an ankle holster in any smooth manner whatsoever) it does provide an option if your primary becomes unavailable. And I love the holster because it is well made and is comfortable. I often forget to remove it when I get home until I disrobe for bed. (Which is another bonus because it means I usually have a gun on my person while around the house).

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