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Thread: NM Recognition of CO permits in jeopardy!

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    NM Recognition of CO permits in jeopardy!

    Short story: NM DPS is concerned about people using TX and AZ permits instead of NM permits. They pushed for legislative changes and didn't get it so now they're doing something that could endanger reciprocity with other states.

    Basically they're using a novel interpretation of NM law to say all out-of-state permits are invalid and then saying they only intend to enforce against NM residents. But, in theory, they could arrest anybody with an out of state permit if they wanted to. I think that's too much arbitrary power for any police to wield.

    I'm trying to get them to go about this the right way instead of doing something we could all regret later.

    (and for the record, I am not advertising any AZ or TX courses for NM residents)


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    Not allowing residents to carry with out of state permits is nothing new. But I doubt they will stop recognizing other states with whom they have reciprocity, including CO. That would be a can of worms that I doubt very much anyone in the Legislature down there would allow, as well as the Governor. I could see they wouldn't recognize a CO resident with a NH permit but not a CO resident CCW. I don't think it will go anywhere beyond that, and even doubt that will happen.

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    Regardless of whether it's enforced against CO permit holders, if NM statutorily refuses recognition of the CO permit, CO statute will cause non-recognition of NM permits here. Definitely a giant leap backward.

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    One small step for NM legislators, one giant stumble for mankind (in both states).
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