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    Truliant FCU

    I just acquired an auto loan from Truliant and went in today to make a payment and this is my first time ever walking up to the building let alone walking in. I had disarmed since I didn't know if it was posted. Got to the door and no sign's anywhere. I thought that was really cool. So I took care of my business with the teller and proceeded to tell her how nice it was being in a bank that didn't restrict my 2nd amendment rights and that I might be switching all of my accounts there after a triad period with the credit union and this auto loan. Well then it was like someone flipped a switch. She began to tell me that even though it wasn't policy for TFCU to ban firearms that either her or one of the other tellers or even one of the customers would most likely still call the police. I think my mouth dropped open after seeing her go from the nicest teller to a *****. I asked why would she do that when I wasn't breaking any laws and since it would be holstered then obviously I wouldn't be robbing her. She told me just the sight of the gun would be enough cause for suspicion and the cops would be called. Plus that I should be really worried about carrying a gun because it might go off or I might scare someone. I couldn't help but laugh on those two. That conversation made me start thinking on whether or not I would ignore her and proceed to carry in on my next visit to make my payment. I guess if I do I will have my recorder running and make sure I have plenty of extra time just in case there is a cop called and I get my time wasted over a MWAG call. Maybe I should be sure to have someone go in with me on that visit to ensure a witness is there on my behalf. I really hate people like that...had I not had my kids with me I would of expressed that opinion to her.
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    I think I'd carry my voice recorder first, and get her to say those things on tape. Specifically that even though it isn't against the law, or company policy, she would call the police.

    Other than that, OC away. She told you you could.
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    one of the reasons i waited till i had plenty of time before i went into NCSECU was because i wanted to make sure i had some time for detention.

    i run into some anti-rights zealots like that sometimes and i think that is where stories come from where a employee, at a citizens friendly business, give us a hard time.

    may i suggest asking for policy from higher ups. i think everyone here would like to know

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    I thought everyone knew that guns are dangerous and just go off, it said so on the news.

    Where's the sarcasm font?

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