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Thread: Looking for a shoulder rig

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    Looking for a shoulder rig

    Anyone have suggestions for a shoulder rig for my 1911? I'd prefer something with belt loops or a chest strap. I want to be able to move around without it flopping around and beating me to death.

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    As a matter of fact I do. Guarantee you can't beat the price or the quality of workmanship. Custom made to your order/needs.
    If you want, you can tell him I sent you but...he may charge you more.

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    Not to disagree with the first suggestion since Dan's work is very good and I'm sure he'll suit your needs very well, but if this will be for concealed carry you may also want to look into the under armor style holster shirts, depending on what you'll be wearing this under. For summer carry, a typical shoulder holster can print up a storm and at the same time poke through your collar or belt line, whereas the under shirt type will only ever print the gun, depending on what shirt you're wearing over it.
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    GALCO MIAMI CLASSIC!!!!!! I got it for when I get an out of state permit and when I get older and get my Michigan permit. I have worn it around the house a lot and it's great. My step dad has one that he carries daily and he loves it. They are expensive but last a very long time and are just a great quality. When you first get it you will have to wear it in as the leather will be tight but once you wear it in it's absolutely great.
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    I have worn it around the house a lot and it's great.
    It is great compared to what?

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    I use a Desantis New York Undercover for my full-size MP9 and 2 spare 17 rnd. mags. It is comfortable, carries well, and I understand that tie down clips are available, although I have not seen a need for it. But then again, I only use it when I will be wearing a vest or jacket, which is only a couple of times a month, and I'm not all that physically active at those times.

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    Doesn't your dad have like a dozen of these laying around?
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