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Thread: GRNC Alert 4-10-11: Media Leftists Campaign Against Gun Rights

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    GRNC Alert 4-10-11: Media Leftists Campaign Against Gun Rights

    Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10665, Raleigh, NC 27605, 919-664-8565,

    GRNC Alert 4-10-11:
    Media Leftists Campaign Against Gun Rights

    This may not surprise most North Carolina gun owners, but a recent survey of newspaper and television reporting on House Bill 111, "Handgun Permit Valid in Parks and Restaurants", turned-up interesting insights into how the antis are scheming to attack this freedom-promoting bill in the Senate. Eighteen reports, widely-published via television and newspaper, repeatedly raised the same complaints over-and-over again.


    These are the talking points of the gun-grabbers that you need to prepare yourself to defend against. Anti-HB 111 attacks are falling into the following five categories (presented in order of frequency):

    * Ordinary citizens can't be trusted to bear arms;
    * Guns are dangerous and bad;
    * Mischaracterization of the Bill;
    * It will promote vigilantism/return of the "wild west"; and
    * It's a political distraction that should be ignored while the economy is troubled.

    Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with unreasonable blather; examples of, and (for those with strong stomachs) links to, some typical stories are presented below:


    * According to columnist Kevin Smith, propagandandizing in the Southern Pines Pilot, "Even assuming that the carrier only intends to use the weapon defensively, can his or her judgment be trusted? That's why we pay cops...".

    If only cops were as inexpensive as handguns and fit better in holsters Kevin might have had a point.

    Link to complete story:


    * Mike Waters, Director of NC Parks Assoc. quoted by the Winston-Salem Journal, "We're just afraid that's an accident waiting to happen."

    Disciples of the "guns are bad" religion are proud to be ignorant of the proper and safe use of handguns. Just because they can't safely carry weapons they assume YOU CAN'T EITHER!

    Link to complete story:


    * A Fayetteville restaurant owner quoted by the Fayetteville Observer, "We ID before we serve," he says. "We pass this bill, we have to search before we serve."
    * Greenville Daily Reflector editorial, "[HB 111 will]...condone potentially putting a deadly weapon within reach of the irresponsible."

    HB 111 WILL NOT permit those carrying concealed weapons to consume alcohol. It WILL NOT require servers to ask if patrons are armed - the antis insisted that this be added to the bill, and their bad amendment has been removed. These falsehoods and amendments were intended to recruit the support of food service organizations against HB 111. Those efforts failed, but the lies continue.

    Links to stories:


    * Sen. Clark Jenkins (D- Edgecombe, Martin, Pitt, GRNC - **) when interviewed by WRAL said, "I'd compare it to the wild, wild West. I think we're going the wrong way."
    * The News and Observer seems skeptical that CHP holders can be trusted to remain sober, "I'll have a Shirley Temple, barkeep, and anybody who laughs will be answering to my Blue Steel Baby."

    Just because the News and Observer can't imagine a level of personal responsibility that results in lawful behavior doesn't mean that it isn't a common trait of NC's 300,000+ concealed handgun permit holders. Compared to disasters repeatedly occurring in gun-free zones, the "Wild West" seems benign. The "wildest" places in society are where responsible citizens are prohibited from effective self-defense. Let's eliminate them!

    Links to stories:


    * WRAL interviewee Sen. Linda Garrou (D-Forsyth, GRNC - 0) complained about pro-HB 111 legislators, "They ran on jobs, restoring the economy - restoring sanity to government, now there's a lot of things that I would question how sane they are."
    * Rep. Tricia Cotham (D- Mecklenburg, GRNC - 0), interviewed by WCNC, voted against HB 111, "I think we need to focus on the priorities of this state - jobs and education - and not cater to the agenda of a small political minority."

    When you've run out of valid arguments, all that's left is to pretend the issue is irrelevant. Slowly, North Carolinians are getting their rights restored, and this is the most important thing in the mind of any freedom-loving American. Now it is essential to KEEP THE PRESSURE BUILDING!

    Links to stories:


    Write to the Editor of your local paper in support of House Bill 111, "Handgun Permit Valid in Parks and Restaurants." Don't allow the gun grabbers to be the only ones heard. You don't have to be Shakespeare, you just have to take the time to do your duty and MAKE YOUR OPINION KNOWN. Use the points above to guide your letter. Make it short (about 150 words) and to the point - directed against a specific misleading article. It may be difficult given the stupidity we're forced to deal with, but avoid name-calling, and use your best grammar. The power of your published voice, when combined with that of other freedom-loving North Carolinians, is tremendous!


    Support these PRO RKBA merchants who, as GRNC sponsors, are supporting your Second Amendment rights:

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    C & E Gun Shows, 4225 Fortress Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060; Phone 540-953-0016 or 888-715-0606;
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    Vanguard Security Consulting, LLC, 19135 W. Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC 28031
    DoubleD Media, 8300 Raintree Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277, ph: 704-650-5555, fx: 704-544-0326,

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    It would be great if logical arguments worked against these people...
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