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Thread: Executive Security International--has anyone heard of them?

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    Executive Security International--has anyone heard of them?

    As the title says--has anyone heard of Executive Security Int? Saw their website but don't have a clue whether they are legitimate or just a money sucking black hole that leads to a dead end job--or no job at all.

    opinions appreciated.

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    Looks legit however I would recommend out of las vegas I trained with them. ABsolutely Awesome staff.

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    They could be legit, but...I dont recognize a single name on their staff as having been a player in that field. Doesnt mean they were'nt, just that they dont have the creds I would look for.
    Website looks a bit hokey,but then not every outfit can afford a web-designer, I suppose.

    If you're looking for work in that area, I'd strongly recommend Vance International, or any outfit currently being run or operated by Maj. Skip Flanagan. Have worked for him in the past- he;s the real deal, knows his sh *t, and is a true professional. No-nonsense,etc. Best Topkick I ever worked with-in or out of the Army.

    If you do find what you are looking for,there, just be prepared- lots of travel, lots of action, and dont plan on being married.

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    If your looking for training that site looks plausible. However if your looking for work in security(armed) work... I recomment Triple Canopy. They do some peace work but its mostly security for hire. They tend to take military experienced people rather then civilians but, if you have the right attitude and the right skills you should apply.

    On a side note I dont know much about your skills or desires. I recommend Triple Canopy assuming you are in fact looking for work, and you posess the necessary skills. Make no mistake about it... Triple Canopy is the real deal but they pay well. Yeah.. wouldnt be a good career if your planning on or are presently married.
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