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Thread: great books to read for using a handgun in self defense

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    great books to read for using a handgun in self defense

    Just wanted to pass some good reads along to everyone that I have been reading on. Armed Response, Thank God I Had a Gun, Armed for Personal Defense, The Concealed Handgun Manual, and nething by Massad Ayoob, especially some of his older books. A tip of advice, after I read one, I write a summary of what I read, and send it to myself certified mail, and leave the envelope sealed, that way if I am ever in front of a jury for a self defense shooting, and the prosecuting attorney is trying to say I am untrained or this or that trying to get a wrongful conviction to add to his success rate, I can open those letters and prove I have read a many a books on the situation. It isnt much, but it could sure help to prove that you arent someone bent on destruction, and that you actually took the time to read up on the very important area of using a gun for self defense. This is a tip i gathered from reading mas's books, so im learning something!

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    I see someone's been reading up on concealed carry. *LOL* I remember that from one of the books I've read, it was either "Armed Response" from David Kenik or "The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry" from Massad Ayoob. This is a great idea but IF it ever becomes necessary to opem them, make sure you let your defense attorney do it. If you open them outside of a verified legal setting, the whole reason to have them mailed to yourself will be void.

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