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Thread: Revised FOPA page has been posted

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    Revised FOPA page has been posted

    All the updates have been made.

    A good resource for finding answers to your legal questions about FOPA. Well worth the time needed to wade in and learn.

    stay safe.

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    So does the final version of S.2414 mean that when we're transiting states which allow for OC without a permit, we have to stop short of a state line, lock the unloaded firearm in a container other than the glove compartment, cross the state line, then take it out and reload it 100 yards later for transport across the second state?

    The earlier version only applied if one was engaged in interstate commerce i.e. transporting a firearm from one state to sell in another state. The final version applies to anyone transporting a firearm, regardless of the reason. It doesn't protect firearms owners in the least. Rather, because of the disarmament requirement while travelling across state lines, it puts us at risk.

    I read it again, and it says nothing about state lines. It's from any place where one is authorized to possess and carry to any other place where one is authorized to possess and carry. Does that mean if I travel from Colorado Springs, CO to Buena Vista, CO, I have to unload and lock it in a container? Not according to CO State Law. Apparently, however, it's against federal law for me to transport my loaded firearm from one point in my state to another point in my state.

    What the heck is up with THAT?
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