Ladies and gents,

A lot of talk goes on and that is good, but you have to walk the walk too.

Maplewood has 8,049 residents according to the 2010 census.

There are 742 business listings for Maplewood, they both pay and collect a LOT of the taxes that support the Maplewood budget.

The council has the power, they made it clear they will wield that power of their own choosing and of THEIR own beliefs. I disagree not just with their beliefs, but with what appears to be a poor representation of their process. While I am extremely disappointed in the turn out of 2a support, there was 5 times as much support for not enacting the ordinance as there was for enacting it at the meeting.

As a government of the people and for the people, the people must make voices heard. A few did so at the meeting, but dollars speak louder than words. I have uploaded a list of business locations in Maplewood. If you currently conduct business with one of them, you might consider letting them know you are exploring opportunities elsewhere so as not to support the city council and budget of Maplewood. If we can not garner enough support from 2a supporters to make our voice loud, perhaps if we gain economic support from the folks cutting the checks we can see such things repealed.

Numbers are the key, we really need to improve our image and increase our numbers if we intend upon seeing constitutional carry or anything close for the state of Missouri. We COULD petition the board to repeal the ordinance however, I do not think we would see more than perhaps 100 signatures on such an effort.

We need friends and allies, we need responsible behavior, we need radical thought curtailed so others do not run from us or stereotype us. Right and wrong do not count in politics, numbers do and each person represents us all whether a fringe thought process or a borderline supporter.

Its not about us vs them, its not about ccw vs oc, its not about protectionism, it is about we the people making our voices heard. Garner support for oc and remain professional even in the face of opposition so you do not lose the support we have gained.

Business list for economic impact here:

Maplewood budget for your own review: