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Thread: AG Opinion proves Deed's "Hunting Amendment" was a campaign stunt

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    AG Opinion proves Deed's "Hunting Amendment" was a campaign stunt

    Many have speculated that Creigh Deeds sponsorship of the Hunting Amendment to the Virginia Constitution was a campaign stunt to help him for future higher office. Deeds offered this rationale when he ran for reelection some years ago.

    Now, in response to a request from Chap Petersen for an opinion, our Attorney General has concluded that a ban on Sunday hunting does not offend the Virginia Constitution:

    Article IX, 4 establishes and protects in our foundational charter of government a right to hunt and fish. Like other constitutional rights, it is not unlimited. Here, the constitutional text expressly allows the General Assembly to restrict this right by general law. Section 29.1-521(A) prohibits hunting on a Sunday. Such a statute is permissible under the express language ofArticle IX, 4 as regulation or restriction enacted by the General Assembly.
    So, what is the purpose of a Constitution that expressly allows, instead of limits, legislative authority?

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    I have not done any research as to how old the language in the Va, Constitution is, but considering the era during which the last constitution was written there may be some specific reasons for allowing the GA to limit what is otherwise identified as a right.

    Off to see if my hypothesis holds water any better than the Titanic.

    stay safe.

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    Was not the fatal flaw of the Titanic that it held water too well?
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