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Thread: Detroit OC Dinner now @ Blue Pointe on E Warren Ave - Mon 4/18

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    Detroit OC Dinner now @ Blue Pointe on E Warren Ave - Mon 4/18

    The restaurant owners backed out of the OC Dinner @ Detroit Elias Brothers on Jefferson Ave. - Thurs April 21rst

    New date and venue:

    Blue Pointe Restaurant
    17131 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, MI, 48224
    (313) 882-3653

    Monday, April 18, 2011 6:00pm - 9:00pm!/event.php?eid=121573241251732
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    I thought the articles were more neutral than most things from the media.

    Was he afraid people would stop coming to his restaurant? Well, he got his wish...
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    So does this mean Big Boy isn't OC friendly even to OCing patrons who come to dine alone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdr_iceman71 View Post
    So does this mean Big Boy isn't OC friendly even to OCing patrons who come to dine alone?
    That location may not be or maybe they just don't want a group of course then that means they must not need our money either!
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    It's just the management at that location I believe.Too Bad!
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    Channel 7 had a new reporter showing Rick in a nice light. Twice in 2 days I see Rick on 2 different news channel. This is why I belong.

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