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Thread: Good Articles on Open Carry *NEEDED*

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    Good Articles on Open Carry *NEEDED*

    Hey everyone

    Already posted this into my state forum but figured it might see more of you here. I am looking for a recent article on open carry that i could present to my speech class and spark a great discussion.

    Any ideas?

    *I am well versed in the laws regarding open carry in my state, just looking for an article to help me out for class*

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    Pesonally, I don't think you can get a much better story than this one. It is one of my favorite open carry stories.

    It is an actual proof story where open carriers deterred a crime. This is what started me on my quest to learn more about open carrying and to begin practicing it.

    To me, one of the main questions is, "what would have happened if those guys would have been concealed carrying?" Would the robbers attempted a robbery at which time the two concealed, but armed men would have been forced to either submit to the robbery or use their firearms to intervene.

    To me, a robbery that is completely avoided is much better that a robbery that has to be forcibly stopped.

    I am certain that this occurs several times a day across the nation, but since it is hard to prove that because you did something, something DID NOT happen, we seldom hear about these types of things.
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