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Thread: prohibited in schools

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    prohibited in schools

    i don't know if this has been discussed before, and i didn't bother looking. i thought i'd start a new discussion anyways.

    why is it that when i go pick up my son from school, i can't carry my gun on the school's property? what makes someone think that from the moment i go from the street to school property, i'm going to go crazy and start shooting up the place? or that i'm going to all of a sudden become careless with my gun and let people hold it. or my kid is gonna get his hands on it, etc.???

    i can't grasp the idea..

    i mean- my state "trusts" me enough to carry concealed to a crowded mall, or to church, or wherever i want to go besides a bar and a few other places, so why can't they trust me to carry a gun into a school? especially with the history of violence at schools? it would seem like the best place to be properly armed to protect me, my family, and my friends?

    just a thought...................

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    I teach the school safety zone portion of the law in CCW classes.

    There are two layers of laws, one being federal law which only allows you to take a gun into a school safety zone if you have a CCW/CHL/CPL whatever issued by the state in which the zone is included, and the license/permit process has to involve a background check.

    So IMHO nobody in VT can carry in a school safety zone because there IS no state CCW/CPL/CHL...and maybe states that have a simple process to get one the process does not meet federal guidelines.

    BUT if we get through the hoops required under federal law, then we can carry IN the school IF state law allows it.

    However state law rarely does, In OHio you can pick up and drop off "children" armed if you do not leave your car...the law does not state how old the "child" must be to be a "child"...and not that whether it is your "child" or somebody else's kid. So I can pick up and drop off the neighbors kid, but not my wife or my mother in law (go figure).

    And if you for example got a UT or a FL license, and did not get could not enter a school safety zone in the reciprocal states due to federal law.

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