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Thread: GA permit as a resident in MO??

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    GA permit as a resident in MO??

    so ive got a friend who is about to move to MO and she has her GA permit....once you become a MO resident do you have to carry on a MO permit? GA considers the license her valid until expiration even if you move....

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    I could be wrong...but

    I am pretty sure that it will be valid as long as the permit itself is valid.

    I have a Florida Permit, but then again I have never been a florida residence, but pretty sure the law states "valid CCW".
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    Zekester is correct. Missouri recognizes ANY valid permit issued by any other state. If your friend moves here and has a GA permit, she can carry on that permit until such time it is no longer valid.

    Now, if GA laws are anything like we have in Missouri, then the permit will become invalid as soon as your friend becomes a resident of another state. If/when the permit becomes invalid, your friend will have to either obtain the MO permit or a non-resident permit from another issuing state. To carry a concealed firearm in Missouri without a valid permit is a Felony.
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