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Thread: Funny story and slighly OC

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    Funny story and slighly OC

    Ok last weekend my wife's little sister had her birthday party. She is 10 and wanted to have it at a laser tag place. Well her dad had hurt his arm so my wife had signed me up to play so it is my (36) and another adult on the other team against a bunch of 10-14 year olds. Heck I figure I am a pretty good shot so let's do this.
    Me decked out OC my laser weapon

    The opposition

    Now the first game was teams and most of the girls were on my team and we won the game. I took second place. The embarrassing part was a 12 year old boy took first. Now here is the funny thing. The next game was more of a free for all. You made your teams by hitting targets and the less people on your teams and the more hits you had the higher the score. The kid who beat me saw me and we were on the same team. He says he has my back and provides covering fire to the other hallway. Who says kids can't think. The bad thing was we lost to my other sister in law (14) who was playing and stayed in one spot. Friggen camper and the assault lasers!

    Now stop laughing at me!

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    You shouldn't be shooting at little kids, what would the antis say. Wait! The kids are learning to shoot too? The terror!

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