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Thread: Looking for Edification or clarification.

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    Question Looking for Edification or clarification.

    Wasnt sure where to post this, so if the moderators can move this thread to whichever area it belongs I would appreciate it(unless its deleted all together lol). I was looking for clarification on some of these rules as them seem rather vague, and some seem un-enforced completely

    •(6) NO PERSONAL ATTACKS: While you may disagree strongly with another poster based upon their opinion, we will NOT tolerate any personal attacks or general bashing of groups of people based upon race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender-identity or choice of occupation (e.g., being a law enforcement officer, in the military, etc). NOTE THAT THIS RULE APPLIES TO PMs AS WELL AS FORUM POSTS!!!

    I have seen far too many people resort to calling each other names during threads. Often making personally directed attacks. I have also seen that there are threads which contain bashing toward (here is an example) non violent islamic people. Some stating that they are all violent and USA hating. Also one doesnt have to look hard to see LEO bashing. Although I do realize LEO are often the ones noticing OC in a negative light, I would like to add they are also sometimes the OC/2A's best friend. So is this rule kind of for when it gets out of hand? Or are things not getting reported? If thats the Case to whom or where do we report?!

    •(13) MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Signing up multiple accounts (or alts) is a tactic employed by spammers and trolls and not legitimate members. Doing so will result in the banning of all accounts involved.

    Does this include signing up a wife from same IP, or just same email? Does this include Moederators from having "ID's" for participation? Just looking for some clarification, or maybe some edification. Thanks guys!
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    My opinion does not matter here, only that of the admins and mods does.

    That being said, the standard I apply is "What is the obvious target of the harsh words?" If the target is actual actions or expressed ideas, harsh away, but provide rational support for the criticism. If the target is the person himself, lay off, even if you think you can rationally justify the adjectives.

    Oh, and never, ever say "Your an idiot." It leaves the reader with zero doubt as to who the idiot is!

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