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Thread: The next Charlie Sheen?

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    The next Charlie Sheen?

    What's up with Nicholas Cage? Article. Not a good encore after way overspending your finances during a recession.

    I like him as an actor, particularly in Next, Kick-A**, and The National Treasure pair of movies. I just hope he finds his center.
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    meh, everyone does something stupid when they're drunk. Charlie Sheen is his own brand of crazy, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emtechnik View Post
    meh, everyone does something stupid when they're drunk. Charlie Sheen is his own brand of crazy, though.
    1) Not "everyone" goes on vacation to a major crime-ridden city and then gets hammered, and staggers around the streets at night. Some people have a LOT more sense than that...

    2) Not everyone who does occasionally get drunk does stupid things while intoxicated. Some folks are very introspective. Some just like to hang out and "people watch".

    It has long been my opinion that "booze doesn't MAKE you do anything, it just ALLOWS you to manifest your deepest natural tendencies. Some folk become introspective, some become boisterous, some are silly, some are jolly, some are very sexual, and some are just violent, raging a-holes...

    It sounds like deep down, Cage is in that last group...
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    I wonder what Jack Lord would have been like in that state of drunkenness, I always heard he was a ***** to in public, if booze was added would he top the other two mentioned? I see he was an Anti-Gun liberal also.

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