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Thread: We can add another to the list. >:(

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    We can add another to the list. >:(

    Well we can add another business that does not support our rights and will not be getting any business from me. I probably could have handled it better then I did but...

    Well it started after I got off work. I was suppose to get off an hour earlier then normal today but the manager decided to change his mind. I had planned on going turkey hunting. I finally got out to the woods later then I wanted and walked to the creek I had to go across. And low and behold it was flooded BAD!!! So I said heck with it went back to my car. I reached in my pocket for my keys and there they were sitting on my passenger seat. So after two hours sitting rainy sperts I finally found a piece of wire tied to a tree that I used to unlock the door. I grabbed my shotgun and went to another spot that I have never been to and saw nothing. I packed up and headed home.

    I had a craving for a Subway BLT. So when I got back to Nicholasville I stopped in the Subway off the bypass(next to Edgewood Dr. if anyone is familiar). I walked in and walked up the the counter and said "Let me get a..."

    "Sir you are gonna have to take your gun back to your truck."(I own a Honda Accord BTW)

    I said "Excuse me?". He said "We don't allow firearms in the store. You are gonna have to put it back in your truck before I can serve you"

    I have many times OC'ed there. And I would have said that I have OC'ed there before without a problem in the past but if you do not want my business anymore I could respect that. But instead I walked out to my car got in and left.

    Like I said, I could have handled it better but after the day I had I really didn't want anything like that to add to it. But sorry for the long story, just thought it would be better to see it from my prospective. Just thought you all would like to know about another business that really doesn't want any money from gun owners!

    CARRY ON!!!

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    Ive carried into Subways in Danville before.

    You should find out who owns that particular restaurant and contact them.

    If that does not provide an agreeable solution, contact Subway Corporate.

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    Problem with subway is that it is a franchise. I am sure Subways corporate standing is that franchisees can do what they want about guns in teh store.

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    No offense to anyone who lives in the lexington area, but they are different people down there..... I lived there for a year while I went to school at UK and they believed that guns were just killing machines, you would not believe some of the stupid things I have heard supposedly happened with guns by people that lives in lexington.

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    I always loved when there was a gun show in the Hertiage Hall area of Rupp and there was a UK game going on at the same time, I parked in the Rupp parking lot even though it cost $10 to do so but it cost no matter where you parked during a UK game, they charged. *LOL* But the UK fans would flip out as I strolled around the building carrying the Colt M4 and the SIG's. The things I would overhear them saying almost made it worth having to pay the $10 to park there. Good times! *LOL*

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