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GRNC Alert 4-17-11:
GRNC Strikes Back Against Propaganda

GRNC president's column appears in Sunday Charlotte Observer:
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The liberal spin machine is in high gear working against HB 111 and to prevent YOUR ability to carry in parks and restaurants. Their latest misrepresentation: Concealed Handgun Permittees can't be trusted around children in parks. That's right, the spin is that those who care about defending themselves and their families are all potential violent criminals liable to complete loss of self-control at the drop of a missed call during a Little League game. The goal is to demonize armed citizens, making us appear to be a safety threat, and no more trustworthy in parks than child abusers.


Using newspaper columns and letters to the editor, GRNC has begun a campaign to neutralize propaganda being distributed by the media with regard to concealed carry in parks and restaurants. See GRNC president Paul Valone's column, "Naysayers are wrong about concealed handguns...again" in the Charlotte Observer by going to:

Support the column by writing a letter to the editor (see guidelines below) at:


The very thought that ordinary North Carolinians with handgun permits are by all statistical measures safe, sane, sober, and able to take care of themselves is driving the anti-gunners nuts. If we can be trusted to take care of, and even defend ourselves, where does the liberty stop? What role does their treasured Nanny State have when it's unnecessary for the vast majority? They want YOU to be dependent on THEM. Because you're armed and responsible you're independent, and that is threatening the very foundation of their misguided philosophy. The intensity of anti-gun whining in the media is reaching fever pitch, and needs to be opposed, before those on the fence begin to believe the lies that they're telling over-and-over again.

Lies the media is jamming into public consciousness:

* Ordinary citizens can't be trusted to bear arms - particularly in parks around children;
* Permit-holders at kids' sporting events in parks will lose control;
* By introducing firearms into more areas, concealed handgun laws are generally dangerous;
* HB 111 will allow armed patrons to drink in restaurants;
* HB 111 will prohibit restaurant owners from barring guns if they so choose;
* HB 111 will promote vigilantism/return of the "wild west"; and
* HB 111 a political distraction that should be ignored while the economy is troubled.


* If Concealed handgun permittees are dangerous, where are the examples? There have been 16 years for over 336,000 permittees to have become violent: Why haven't they? Could it be that permittees are responsible citizens who deserve freedom and liberty?
* Parks, restaurants and other "gun-free" zones in North Carolina are less safe than where citizens are armed. Even violent criminals are somewhat intelligent. Where is the best place to commit violent crime, where citizens are armed, or in a 'gun-free' zone?
* HB 111 doesn't produce a "wild west," it will help reduce the number of "gun-free" zones that are the most dangerous places in North Carolina.
* HB 111 doesn't let armed permit-holders imbibe alcohol, and won't make restaurant employees search for guns.
* HB 111 isn't a "political distraction." It will help restore Constitutional rights. What could be more important than the rights of free Americans?


Write to the Editor of your local paper in support of House Bill 111, "Handgun Permit Valid in Parks and Restaurants." Use the points above and Paul's article if writer's block becomes a problem. Writing isn't easy, but this is why it's so important - only the truly committed do it. Show the media that North Carolina gun owners are committed to HB 111 and to expanding our ability to defend ourselves and our families from REAL violent criminals - that DO NOT have concealed handgun Permits.

Guidelines: Letters to the editor should include your name and address and should be short (generally less than 150 words), fact-based, civil and grammatically correct. Avoid name-calling and stick to the facts. If you have a personal experience in which a gun saved your life or the lives of loved ones, highlight it.


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