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Thread: do you need a license to OC in ohio?

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    do you need a license to OC in ohio?

    my buddy has a CWL from georgia, which isn't honored in ohio, so can he OC in ohio?

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    As far as I know he can...

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    You don't need a license as long as you are not in/on a motor vehicle. There are some good reasons why it is better with a license.

    1. You can carry a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle. Non-licensees cannot and will even have to unload all magazines to stay legal.

    2. Some open carriers have been nailed with BS CCW charges even though they were OC. One guy in Cleveland was charged with CCW because he was using a military-style flap holster. Also, if your garment should accidentially obscure your gun, no worry about CCW charges.

    3. A non-licensee is committing a felony if the non-licensee goes into a grocery store with a class D liquor license that is having a wine tasting. The law specifically exempts licensees from this situation.
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