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Thread: Certification for concealed carry in Utah and Florida

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    Certification for concealed carry in Utah and Florida

    I have contacted the Utah Director of operations / Utah CCW Firearms Instructor
    American CCW - Academy Security Training - Be Safe Gun Training.

    My question was could they train anywhere from 500 to 1500 of us at one time in the Madison area. The answer was it could be easily accomplished.

    This could lead to being certified in Utah and Florida for us which could oped up many doors to some of our bordering states. This is just a thought!

    I realize there will be a cost, but it could be minimal if enough of us could participate. As far as to organize this event, at this time I have no clue!
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    Please see thread on "Utah Permission Slip".
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    here's the thread he's talking about

    McX is the contact.
    No word yet on finalizing of time/date/place,
    but it's likely to be either Sat. the 30th or Sun. the 1st
    in the Burlington / East Troy area.
    And you won't find a better price anywhere, even in Utah.

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