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Thread: State Bank and Trust just posted in Montpelier, OH

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    State Bank and Trust just posted in Montpelier, OH

    I talked to the people at the branch and they said "we should have had that a long time ago because we are a bank". I called the main HQ when I got home.

    First I got some guy named "Les" who insisted it was federal law we could not carry there, when I told him the person who told him that was either in error or lying, he connected me to a woman whose name I did not get. She told me it was their corp policy, and had been for 3 years, but they had neglected to post the 14 branches of a bank they had bought out (National Bank of Montpelier). Those locations she said had been posted "in the last few weeks" (it was not posted last week). She said she would have to some research as she had also been told it was either state or federal law. I told her that is their choice if they do so, but their representatives should NOT be saying things in response that are incorrect. She insisted I was the first person to complain. She also did not understand why it was a "big deal".

    I just sent them an email on the contact form, and informed them they may not realize that they banned off duty Police Officers from other states from carrying in their branches as well as the rest of us.

    My wife and I will be pulling our accounts from State Bank and Trust within the next 2 weeks.

    State Bank and trust is the ONLY bank in Williams County that is posted.

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