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Thread: Sexist Article

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    Sexist Article

    This is among the most sexist articles I have ever read.
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    When in danger you can dial 911 and hope for the police to arrive a few minutes later armed with guns.
    Why do police carry guns?

    The Joyce Foundation funded firearm control empire:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipper View Post
    This is among the most sexist articles I have ever read.
    At least the sevens reasons for women unlikely to consider packing pistols are certainly sexist and disrespectful.
    Eric Heyl has a problem.

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    Linky no worky, or is my phone not worky?

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    saw the title of the thread, and bopped in, didnt read the post, but thought of; Was this by chance published in Soldier of Fortune?

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    Some spewings from the article.........

    -- Spending several hundred dollars on a serviceable handgun might leave them without enough money to get the full treatment at that next visit to the day spa.

    -- Carrying a gun in a small purse would leave less room for more important items, such as lipstick or compact.

    -- The baggy clothing required to successfully conceal most holsters would make them appear frumpy.

    -- Gunpowder residue might stain the new Karen Scott blouse they just bought at Macy's.

    -- The gunpowder smell when the weapon is fired could totally overwhelm the Chanel they're wearing.

    -- Most firearm accessories come only in one boring color: black.

    -- Target practice earplugs simply aren't sexy

    Read more: NRA effort to attract women off target - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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    My wife is composing an E-Mail to him as we speak. She is PO'd. She mentioned to me that she carries, because of creepy looking guys like him!

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    This is indeed the most sexist article regarding women and carrying that I have ever read. Thank goodness anyone with an ounce of common sence would recognize it as such and not take it serioulsy. If I were a women I would be in contact with the authors supervisors demanding an apology (at the very least). If you take female out of the equation and subsitute with another group of people (color, sexual preference, possible mental illness, religious preference, etc.,) I wonder how long the author would be employed....

    I for one would like to see more ladies OC'ing in as much as I think it would speak volumes to the fact that OC'ing is for every law abiding citizen (not just men) and that not all ladies carrying a sidearm are BG's (Bad Girls). It would also be a huge help the movement as to disprove some common misconceptions regarding OC'ers.

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    Angry Holy cow! (And no, I'm not Hindu)

    If this was meant as an April Fool's joke, it's a bit late... and not really funny.

    a ladies-only seminar teaching them how to become pistol instructors.
    To most women, such a seminar probably wouldn't have the same appeal as, say, a holistic facial at the day spa.
    Pampering is nice, but doesn't do as much for me, for as long, as education.

    the pesky preconceived notions that likely turn off many females to the idea of gun ownership
    (For which, see Nutzak's post.)

    The author, Eric Heyl, gives his contact information as:

    His boss, the editor Frank Craig:
    The president & CEO, Ralph Martin:

    Letters to the editor:

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    D.L. Clark Bldg.
    503 Martindale St., 3rd floor
    Pittsburgh, PA; 15212
    Main # is 412-321-6460

    (Just PM'd the link & quotes & contact info to Kathy of Cornered Cat. Surely she'll have an army who can explain the error of his ways.)

    ETA: email sent to Mr's Craig & Martin. Wonder how many more they'll get?
    Just tried to call Mr. Craig, got the "managing editor" Jim Cuddy (412 320 7830), who says "this is an opinion column, that's his opinion". To which I pointed out that it also has the newpaper's name on it, so they're going to catch the backlash. He says he's already heard from "a couple" other people. Didn't seem too concerned... yet.
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