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Thread: May 8th "Million Mom March" Counter-March in Eugene

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    May 8th "Million Mom March" Counter-March in Eugene

    I was recently made aware that there is going to be a "Million Mom March" in Eugene on Sunday, May 8th (Mother's day). It will be at 2pm and will be at EWEB River Edge Plaza, 500 East Fourth Avenue in Eugene, OR. It will be followed by a one mile walk to the Owens Rose Garden. Collin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting and the "star" of anti-gun documentary "Living for 32" will be speaking. (On a side note, me and a friend open carried to a screening of Living for 32 at the Ashland Independent Film Festival, and it was exactly the festering pile of propaganda you would expect).

    Anyway, I'm looking to maybe get together a counter-rally of open carriers and gun rights advocates. At the very least, I'm going to be showing up with a video camera to open carry and cover the event.

    Is anyone else interested in going?

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    What purpose does a counter serve? Will you change any of their minds? Does the march affect OR gun laws, proposed bills, Etc? The people who march in such events are not worth the time or trouble!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vermonter View Post
    What purpose does a counter serve?
    To show that regular people own "magical" guns that DON'T jump out of holsters and hurt people by themselves. That might be a start.

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