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Thread: Nevada: Erik Scott shooters named "Top Cops"

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    Nevada: Erik Scott shooters named "Top Cops"

    "“What potentially could have been a bad situation they brought to an end with no citizens being hurt." Except for the one who was killed, eh?

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    wait, isn't one of the officers who shot Scott under indictment for selling guns to a convicted felon one day after the Scott shooting? Isn't another of the officers named in a federal civil suit for the wrongful death of Trevon Cole? Yeah these guys are real models of every quality we expect in an officer.

    No matter what happens, there is a special place in hell for people who are entrusted with defending liberty while accepting an award for being the best at subverting it.

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    One of the commenters had it right. Used to be they gave these awards to first responders who saved a life (fire, accident, etc.). Now they give them to cops who end a life. Revolting.

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