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Thread: Paulding County

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    Paulding County

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    OCGA reads thusly:
    "... It shall be required that any license holder under this Code section have in his or her possession his or her valid license whenever he or she is carrying a weapon under the authority granted by this Code section, and his or her failure to do so shall be prima-facie evidence of a violation of Code Section 16-11-126..."
    Bob, is almost right; as the previous edition of the Code required one to carry one's license on his or her body. That language has since been replaced.

    The legal question now is what the definition of "possession" is.
    If your GWL is in the trunk of your car and you are 20 meters away, are you still in possession of it?
    If your kilo of uncut heroin is in the same exact location, are you still in possession of that?

    I'll continue to do what I've always done, one GWL in my wallet and another in the storage cubbyhole. But, if I'm EVER caught without one or the other in my "possession" I'll be darn sure to use the above reasoning to prove that I do indeed have possession of a license.
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