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Thread: Contacted by a citizen, OFallon

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    Contacted by a citizen, OFallon

    I did not record the encounter so no video.

    I was exiting Shop N Save in OFallon after grabbing some stuff and a gold Grand Marquis pulls along side of me, the conversation went something like this:

    Him " Excuse me, does your CCW allow you to do that?"
    Me: "I am sorry, do what?"
    Him "Openly carry a firearm like that?"
    Me: "No, but sort of, Missouri is an open carry state but some localities restrict it"
    Him: "I did not know that, I have my CCW and heard it allows open carry"
    Me: "well it is a little confusing, here in St Charles county with your CCW it is pretty much ok everywhere but one locality but in St Louis county it varies and there are about 35 localities you have to check"
    Him: "that's good to know"

    A car pulled up behind him and he had to go. A positive encounter but I felt a little odd about it as his approach and voice sort of sounded odd, just a feeling. They were standard plates on the vehicle and no extra antennas so I do believe it was just an inquisitive citizen. Still it was odd as I was dressed James Dean style, jeans and a white tee shirt since it was just a quickie trip.

    I mean hey, if I thought it was illegal to open carry a firearm that would mean anyone doing so would be a criminal and the last thing I would do is approach a visibly armed criminal and challenge his activities.

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    Some people are just curious. I remember being shocked and excited when I figured out you were allowed to do it, and had lots of questions. Should have given him the websites. and

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