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Thread: couple stories

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    couple stories

    important to arm yourself.

    about 7 days ago in ferguson, there was an attempted breakin. my brother, whom i mostly stay with, resides in ferguson. many a nights we sit on the front porch drinking beer watching traffic on Elizabeth Ave and chat. many of times we talk about firearms and defense. for months he has been saying he wanted to get a shotgun for around the house and will get his CCW, but never did.

    well sunday night as he sit in the living room, shots started ringing out right up the street. neither me or my ruger were at home.
    2 days later he bought a mossberg.

    it goes to show you never know what will happen.

    maybe a year ago one night after bowling in lemay, i was going to go to a friends house (mom and 2 kind) to help hook up a computer. we decided to go to ginghams instead. Mrs T and the youngest along with other friends are at home. her 17yr old is at home. 30 minutes at ginghams we see cops and ambulance roll and thought nothing of it.
    turns out someone forced their way in to Mrs T apartment where her oldest was and help him at gunpoint, and then shot him execution style from the side.
    luckily the perp cant shoot and he was shot in the neck and missed vitals and survived.

    I, along with a few others, were suppose to be there. they could of very well killed us all. they could of very well seen us all and not bother.

    once again you never know and you must be prepared.

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    If you pull it, you use it. If you pull it and you don't use it, you've done some thing wrong and you might not get another chance. Think about it before you pack it!
    I worked 24/7 for 2A OC rights! Don't like what I did? Try it yourself, it was my full time job!
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    And people wonder why you need to be armed all the time, until my crystal ball starts working I will be armed 24/7.

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