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GRNC Alert 4-23-11:
Your Voices are Taking Effect! Give Them MORE!

Your Pro-HB 111 letters are beginning to be published, and more importantly, they're being read - and beginning to produce the necessary effect. Don't allow this momentum to fail!

Our coordinated application of First Amendment freedom is paying-off in-terms of changing hearts and minds in favor of our Second Amendment rights, but the antis are steaming, and they're pulling-out all the stops to strike fear in the heart of the General Assembly. We've always been the reliable and responsible majority. The problem is we've also been the silent majority. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR OPINION HEARD. Don't let a few loud-mouthed anti-gun knuckleheads drown-out support of HB 111!


GRNC's campaign to neutralize media-induced fear of concealed carry in parks and restaurants is helping turn the tide of misinformation, but the antis aren't done yet. Their new spin is that pro-gun legislation is happening too fast. It took them decades to erode gun rights and now they're seeing that a significant amount of this nefarious work may be overturned in a single Assembly session. So they're whining that the very speed of returning rights is something that is irresponsible. The problem is that this twisted logic is gaining traction in the minds of the weak - including many previously pro-gun Senators.


Lies the liberal anti-gunners and their media mouth pieces are jamming into public consciousness:

* Too many pro-gun laws are being enacted at the same time.
* Ordinary citizens can't be trusted to bear arms - particularly in parks around children;
* Permit-holders at kids' sporting events in parks will lose control;
* By introducing firearms into more areas, concealed handgun laws are generally dangerous;
* HB 111 will allow armed patrons to drink in restaurants;
* HB 111 will prohibit restaurant owners from barring guns if they so choose;
* HB 111 will promote vigilantism/return of the "wild west"; and
* HB 111 a political distraction that should be ignored while the economy is troubled.


* The Assembly isn't being hasty about pro-gun legislation. Second Amendment rights that have been infringed upon for decades cannot be restored fast enough. How fast is too fast to release an innocent prisoner incarcerated without reason?
* What is so special about parks and restaurants that make concealed carry in these areas problematic? There's plenty of evidence that violent crime occurs in these areas frequently. Isn't it reasonable that concealed carry in these areas will help defend against violence?
* Those with concealed handgun permits are by all historical and statistical measures safe, sane and responsible. Sixteen years ago when "shall issue" laws were first passed the liberal "Chicken Littles" predicted blood in the streets. They were wrong then, and they're wrong now. Freedom needs to reign!


Write to the Editor of your local paper in support of House Bill 111, "Handgun Permit Valid in Parks and Restaurants." If you need help writing, use the points above and GRNC President Paul Valone's Charlotte Observer article to guide you.

Link to Paul's article:

Guidelines: Letters to the editor should include your name and address and should be short (generally less than 150 words), fact-based, civil and grammatically correct. Avoid name-calling and stick to the facts. If you have a personal experience in which a gun saved your life or the lives of loved ones, highlight it.

IMPORTANT: Please email copies or web links of letters you see published to


* Chuck Bailey of Gastonia who's letter was published in the Charlotte Observer;
* Jonathan Arp of Ayden who's letter was published in the Greenville Daily Reflector

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