I took the NRA highlights and added my own bit at the top, folks. If you think it's good, modify and send the thing to every Senator on that list:

Dear Senator,

I'm writing you to announce that, as a law-abiding Florida resident, an attorney, and a firearms permit holder, I expect your full support of SB 234 next week (or abstention, otherwise). SB 234 is in the best interest of my safety and my family's safety. The safety and security of those I love is tantamount when it comes time to elect, contribute, and campaign for my leaders.

Included are highlights of some of the common-sense measures that SB 234 contributes to our laws, including a reinstitution of "open carry," which was a right taken away in a series of back-room deals when we received concealed carry. I urge your support of this bill, and if you cannot provide it, I urge your abstention. My family and I will be watching you, Senator, to see how you vote on this upcoming bill, and we will actively campaign for or against you based on this vote.

Jesus Rodriguez, Esq.


Senate Bill 234, introduced by Senator Greg Evers (R-2), would make two changes to the “Right-to-Carry” law -- also known as the Concealed Weapons Licensing law and it would also conform Florida’s firearms purchase law with federal law.

The bill now basically does the three (3) following things:

1. Provides that concealed weapons license holders may also carry openly - to prevent license holders from being charged with the crime of violating the "Open Carry" law because a concealed firearm accidentally or inadvertently became visible. Furthermore, "open carry" makes sense because an openly carrying citizen is never a target for a crime. Criminals tend to go for the low-hanging branch, and going for someone who is openly carrying is tantamount to committing suicide.

2. Provides that concealed weapons license holders may store a firearm in private vehicle anywhere the vehicle is lawfully parked except those places that are exempted under s. 790.251(7) -- the parking lot law.

3. Removes the obsolete firearms purchase in contiguous state law previously required by federal law for out of state purchases of long guns and replaces it with language to conform to current federal requirements that allows purchase of long guns in other states.