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Thread: St. Robert/ Pulaski County

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    St. Robert/ Pulaski County

    I'm new to, and I was wondering if anyone knew the laws in St. Robert and Pulaski County. I would like a site I could go to as well so I can print it off. Some of the links that I have found in other forums don't disply my area.

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    It is legal to OC in St. Robert. I have done so on numerous occasions and have never had any problems. Most towns in the Pulaski county/Phelps county have no restrictions on OCing. (However do make sure to double check before deciding to OC somewhere that is new to you). It is not something that is normal down there though so be prepared to answer questions from curious folks, as well as deal with MWAG calls.If I remember correctly (and it has been awhile since I last looked up St. Roberts ordinances and laws) there is nothing specifically stating OC is legal, but rather there is nothing denying OC, thus making OC legal. I will double check that when i get the chance later on. Hope this helps.

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