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Thread: Another win

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    Another win

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    Good to hear... I wouldn't mind having an "electric weapon", but... They are illegal in Wisconsin...

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    i would consider owning one if they were legal in wi

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    I didn't know they were illegal in WI, guess I can't buy one for my wife anytime soon. She hates it when I or other people open carry other than cops, but she's actually open to me getting her a taser were it legal. She has a can of mace and she usually carries it in her backpack. I keep telling her however if it's in her backpack it'll do her no good because she will not have time to reach it. It also lacks the deterrent effect that an openly carried taser would have, because she's come across some shady people sometimes who just come up and ask her random questions when she's walking the dog by herself. As sad as it is for me to say this, unless something happens to me or her where a firearm or taser would have improved the situation, I don't think she'll be coming around about open carry any time soon. Strangely, she doesn't mind concealed carry all that much because I think the basis of her hate for people with firearms is someone knowing that another person has a gun on their person. If I carried concealed in WI, she wouldn't care because then the sheeple wouldn't get scared off.
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    So my electron particle beam disrupter is illegal? When did this happen...?
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