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Thread: New USA Today Article

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    New USA Today Article

    OK, well, I read this this morning, and it really pi$$ed me off. Mainly because the respnse that was published was watered down at best. Apparently the anti gun is using the media again to try and remove our rights from the people. This article leans so far outside the relm of common sense, I just had to put it up here.

    The gun lobby is also going after the two states (Wisconsin and Illinois) that do not allow concealed firearms, and the nine that leave the issuance of a permit to the discretion of law enforcement. In its one major foray into Congress recently, gun extremists fell just two votes shy in the U.S. Senate on a 2009 bill that would have forced any state to recognize a carry permit issued by any other state.
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    The media doesn't get it that it's no longer 1994 in regard to firearm freedom provided by the 2nd and most state constitutions. Notice how they really got riled up when they started talking about Pennsylvannia. Says to me they are east coast elitists. Gannet is the publisher of USA Today and the following (circulation, national rank):

    The Arizona Republic of Phoenix, Arizona (308,973, 14th)
    Detroit Free Press of Detroit, Michigan (245,326, 20th)
    The Indianapolis Star of Indianapolis, Indiana (182,933, 32nd)
    The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky (159,275, 42nd)
    The Cincinnati Enquirer of Cincinnati, Ohio (157,574, 43rd)
    The Tennessean of Nashville, Tennessee (127,538, 61st)
    Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, New York (119,399, 65th)
    Asbury Park Press of Neptune City, New Jersey (112,683, 68th)
    The Des Moines Register of Des Moines, Iowa (109,095, 73rd)
    The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware (87,138, 89th)
    The Journal News of White Plains, New York (79,525, 96th)
    When in danger you can dial 911 and hope for the police to arrive a few minutes later armed with guns.
    Why do police carry guns?

    The Joyce Foundation funded firearm control empire:

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    They must have gotten the memo........

    The memo that stated to use the word "Extremist" as much as possible.

    Who would have ever though that the whole basis of our government, a document that is over 200 years old would now be considered extreme?
    Who else feels that the US constitution is extreme?

    I will state it has been extremely helpful in keeping government from turning totally tyrannical. (that point is arguable)

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