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Thread: Colt Rail Gun Holster recommendations

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    Colt Rail Gun Holster recommendations

    Any suggestions on a hoster for Colt Rail Gun Government 1911. Presently using a Fobus paddle but wearing finish on trigger guard. Looking at Galco Wraith and Galco Paddle lite (for leather). Any recommendations ??

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    CASPIAN Recon

    I had a Caspian Recon gov't that Comp-tac did a belt holster for me a few years ago. I wanted one made for my Caspian and a surefire X200. Fit/Finish are awesome and I don't have any finish wear issues that I normally get on my pistols from other kydex holsters. I am not sure if you Colt has the same rail dimensions, but I am sure Comp-tac could hook you up...
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