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Thread: 8 Tips on Contacts with OCers

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    8 Tips on Contacts with OCers

    Just found this on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms web site they pulled it from It is very informative for LEOs I hope its ok to pass this on.

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    you can log on as non LE and leave comments.
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    I disagree.

    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Already being discussed here:

    Read the article very carefully. It is in no way fair and equally balanced. It is very passive-agressively against open carry.

    Of course, California is a completely separate beast, with your requirement to be unloaded while open carrying, so you do have distinct issues to deal with.
    Hey NavyLT:

    I understand why you have reached your conclusion, but I don't agree that it reaches a passive-aggressive level.

    The author failed to point out that LEO is being sued for 4A violations, and in some cases their qualified immunity was removed. The author should have written a more in-depth paragraph about LEO liability.

    The author has a common mental affliction that most police officer's possess, which is: They believe that the target they wear (uniform, gun, badge, cruiser) can be removed by violating the rights of the law-abiding (IMHO).

    LEO volunteered to wear the "target." LEO needs to man-up and accept the risk they signed-up for. Rationalizing about how dangerous a law-abiding citizen could be to an individual LEO is a mental disorder.

    I know, I am splitting hairs. Rationalizing and passive-aggressiveness are different (I am generalizing--there are mentally deranged cops).

    Thanks for your insight. I always look for you posts.


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