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Thread: Florida judge held at gunpoint by Broward County Sheriffs office.

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    Florida judge held at gunpoint by Broward County Sheriffs office.

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    Yeah, I saw this a few minutes ago and posted it to the facebook "support sb234 and hb517" page
    That's bloody scary when people are on high alert, and making serious mistakes with guns in hand...
    Be careful OCing in Broward when this passes. If they do that to a judge, and refuse to even apologize, what are they going to do to us common losers?
    American Government 101:
    The Executive branch's job is to provide celebrity figureheads for the pandering populace.
    The Legislative branch's job is to progressively destroy our freedoms for the "safety" of "We the Sheeple."
    The Judicial branch's job is to look like they're defending our freedoms against the abuses of the Legislative branch, only by token gestures that do not interfere is this pivotal process, but enough to deceive "We the People" into a false sense of security.

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    Take em down judge!!!!

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